The FLOTUS Collection

Be Feminine. Be Luminous. Be Opulent. Be Timeless and Undeniably Special this fall with this collection. In this box you will receive 1) Perfect Anti-Frizz Microfiber Head Towel 2) Creamy Curl Deep Conditioners 1) Mango and Citrus Jamaican Black Castor Oil and 1) Super Hydration Leave in Detangler (reusable bottle). A perfect gift for any curly kinky hair girl. Don't miss out on such an ah-mazing collection!

The Anti-Frizz Head Towel is brought to you by the Perfect Hair Co. This unique towel comes in smooth microfiber, softer than silk, and features stich-free edges for luxe smoothness. Using a t-shirt as a hair towel is no match for this. Woven of ultra-fine anti-bacterial microfiber, this towel tightens gently via drawstring design that holds it in place while drying your hair in record time. 
Result: Softer, Shinier, Healthy Hair
Count on this microfiber hair towel to, Help prevent tangles, snagging & breakage
Machine-wash safely & easily, for many years of use
Stays Where It Belongs: On Your Head
Most hair towels are too small to cover your scalp and too top-heavy to stay on securely. But The Perfect Microfiber Hair Towel is 30% larger, slightly elastic, lightweight, and tightens for a cozy fit. It's designed to stay on… no matter what. Wear it while you get dressed, put on make-up, get the kids ready, or enjoy your morning coffee.

The Creamy Curl Deep Conditioner is by far the best deep conditioner on the market. Equipped with castor oil and olive oil it promotes growth shine and length retention. Have 4C hair? GET THIS! No more hard to comb coils, no might painful hair sessions with your daughters, we have the slippiest conditioner known to women. That's right.
The Papaya Fusion Shampoo may be a little more drying than your average shampoo however, this formula was designed to completely get rid of any product buildup that you may have. Leaving nothing behind. Many shampoos leave behind substances that are unseen to the naked eye and keep hair from growing as it should. It smells amazing and will get rid of any gels, greases, leave in conditioners, pomades, etc. Finally get your hair super clean with this product 
The Leave In Detangler comes in a 10oz. reusable bottle. Packed with many oils and fruits extracts it will not only detangle your coils but will also lock in moisture while you style and detangle your hair. And it smells wonderful! When you are done with your leave in detangler simply use the bottle at your leisure for anything. Will work great as a hair spray, just fill it with what you want. Never buy a hair bottle again. 
The Mango and Citrus Jamaican Black Castor oil The oil can turn any hair into shiny, strong and thick. Black castor oil provides the hair and the scalp with a bulk of valuable and necessary nutrients. Jamaican castor oil stimulates blood circulation and can provide the antifungal treatment.  The oil is perfect for unmanageable hair, split ends, dry and thinning hair. It is perfect for any type of the hair. Even if your hair is prone to become greasy and it is in a good condition Jamaican castor oil will benefit it in any case.

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