Why Your hair needs H2O?

Are you struggling to drink water every day? Do you keep forgetting it? I feel you! I’m on the same boat. I don’t know why, but drinking water has always been like a nightmare for me. Until the day I found out why water is important after all and how it strongly affects our hair health.

Why is water so important for hair growth? Let’s take a look at five key reasons why water is a major component in healthy hair.

Reason 1: Water transports nutrients in your blood. The percentage of water in your whole blood is 82%. Through your bloodstream is how your hair roots get the oxygen and the essential hair nutrients that they need for your hair growth.

Reason 2: Water carries nutrients to your cells which support their growth, reproduction, survival. It helps your body to process and flush toxins out of your vital organs to protect your immune system.

Reason 3: Water boosts your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is closely linked to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. Metabolism is the rate at which your body absorbs and uses the nutrients. If your diet is poor then your metabolism will be slow and your hair roots won’t receive the proper nutrients. The result will be low hair growth due to low rate of keratinization.

Reason 4: Water hydrates you; hence it gives you energy and makes you feel vivid and healthy. Therefore, water hydrates your hair from the inside keeping it strong. With the right amount of water, the cells in your hair roots are able to grow and undergo the required cell division, which is how hair is made up after all.

Reason 5: Water keeps your hormones balanced; Even mild dehydration, causes stress hormones to increase as the body interprets it as a life-threatening situation. For instance, when cortisol (stress hormone) is increased, it makes the body to secrete more adrenaline which leads to increased levels of testosterone and DHT hormones.

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