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For many of us, the middle crown of our hair is often the driest, kinkiest and most brittle. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is natural or straight, those top strands just seem to have a mind of their own. Unfortunately, this leaves us with a thirsty, achy section of scalp that is often thinning and breaking and screaming out for help while the rest of our tresses flourish.

I never knew this was such a major issue until I experienced a bout of breakage myself and discovered that the majority of my curl friends were also battling these breakage blues. Ugh! Since no one wants this sad song on repeat, stop stressing and keep reading to see why your hair may be breaking and ways to get it back on track.

Here are a few reasons and simple things that you can do at home to combat the issue:

Check Your ‘Do

We know that styles that pull too tight can cause thinning edges, but other hairstyles can also rub out the middle of your tresses. The fixed ponytail in my signature style is what prompted my short-term breakage. My edges were fine, but the middle suffered its own level of stress from the everyday updo (and lack of moisture). So, change up where your ponytail, hair clips and even wigs regularly sit to make sure your ‘do isn’t rubbing your crown the wrong way.

Condition, Condition, Condition!

This is the most important thing for your hair as this area needs some extra love right now to get back on track. Create a schedule to make sure you deep condition weekly or after every wash. Explore leave-ins and oils (like Jamaican black castor oil) to help nourish your strands and heal your achy scalp. Don’t be afraid to mix at home. 


In addition to deep conditioning, make sure that your hair and scalp stay as moist as if you lived in a rainforest. Seriously. Section that area out and moisturize daily or as necessary to keep your hair as soft and supple as possible. I personally spritz (not drown) my scalp daily with equal parts water, virgin organic coconut oil and grapeseed or avocado oil to keep it hydrated.

Drink More Water

I know, I know. You hear this all the time. But, you’d be surprised how much your hair and skin can heal with the proper moisture and hydration. This, of course, starts from within. So drink up and often to help your hair along its road to recovery.

Make Satin (Or Silk) Your Best Friend

This is another reason many of us suffer from breakage in the middle and back of the head. If satin or silk bonnets and scarves are not your thing – or if they don’t stay on at night – then invest in satin pillowcases. Not only will your satin coverings suck up less moisture than standard cotton pillowcases, your tresses in that area are less likely to get tangled or matted since the hair slides across the pillow.

Protect Your Hair At Night, Too

While you’re at it, wrap, braid or twist your hair up at night in protective styles to help prevent further breakage or matting. Yes, satin helps, but leaving your hair wild and free while you’re sleeping is still a no no. Brush sleek tresses up into a doobie and pineapple textured tresses into loose ponytails or quick twists to not only prevent breakage, but also help keep your ‘do daytime fresh.

Keep It Trimmed

With breakage, comes stress, split ends and even knots. Make sure to get your ends – even those short ones – trimmed regularly to help your strands grow in a healthy environment.

Ditch The Heat

Silk presses and wand irons are not your friend right now, so go easy on the heat. Use as little as possible as you grow out your healthy tresses.

With Much Love



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