Should You Cut Your Damaged Ends?

We have all heard it before. Cut your ends if they are damaged. But does that still apply to us natural sisters? Some say yes. After all maybe we should just stop what is causing the damage after all in hopes of recovery. Some of the damage culprits are heat, over styling, too tight hairstyles, too heavy or incorrectly applied hair weaves, neglect, dryness, etc. 

So when we asked a few of our curl sisters do they trim their damaged hair, here is what we found. In a poll of forty-five women, 16 votes (35.6%) stated that they do trim their damaged hair, 27 votes (60.0%) stated they do not trim they damaged hair, and only 2 votes (4.4%) stated other. You can check out this poll below.

Personally, I do not cut my damage ends instead I attempt to nurture them back to good health. Thru good solid hair care practices, patience, and great products I believe most times that you can bring your hair back without trimming. What are your thoughts? Drop your comments below. 

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