8 Reasons why your hair should be FLY

Believe it or not your hair is the most important part of your look. It is often the most noticeable part of your beauty. It enhances your personality and sets the tone for your entire look. 

Here are 8 reasons why a good hairstyle completes your look. 

1. It will enhance your beauty.

2. It can make you look like a professional or, well a bum. 

3. Great hair will boost your confidence. 

4. It compliments your features. 

5. You will feel smarter and more capable. (Don't believe us just look it up)

6. It will give the most simple dress a kick ass edge. 

7. Hell, it shows that you give a damn. 

8. You can be remembered by it. (Girl, Keisha had a bomb ass hairdo!) C'mon you know you've said it.

All we are saying is don't be basic when it comes to your hair. Be brave. Be Fun. Be Arhpahair. 


AphraFounder of Arhpahair 

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