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Best natural products on the market


Love the hair moisturizer! OMG..will purchase again 


 I have 4c hair and it works wonders for me.


Love the way this product smells. And it melted in my hair like butter!


I just love the way this product made my hair curls are so kept my hair hydrated with out adding any other products...


Typical Girls Have Typical Hair...Don't be Typical

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Our Story

This story does not begin great. So much trial and error has went into making the best products on the market. I am a true 4C hair gal and it's so frustrating to find products that were designed with my hair texture in mind. I had a bathroom sink cabinet full of products that were just NOT WORKING! I wanted longer, stronger, thicker, hair. Formula after formula, fustration after let down and money wasted after numerous samples.......It started coming together to form Arhpahair. 


The efforts that we have put into this brand has been nothing short of crazy determination and the promise to continue to get your hair back on track is our number one priority!